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Social Security Disability

Greenville & Spartanburg Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social security disability benefits are available to individuals who have been temporarily or permanently disabled, or to the dependents of those persons. When applying for benefits, it is critical to support all claims with medical documentation. Jim Spears is an experienced social security attorney, and can apply and file for social security disability benefits on behalf of individuals in South Carolina and North Carolina.

When you suffer a disability that prevents you from working, we can help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve. Do not attempt to navigate the application process without an experienced SSI attorney.

As an experienced disability and SSI attorney, Jim Spears and his staff can assist you with all of the following:

  • Gathering medical documentation and evidence of your inability to work.
  • Filling out necessary paperwork for filing the various levels of appeal.
  • Filing timely applications to ensure due benefits are received.
  • Pursuing every avenue of recovery including workers' compensation benefits, personal injury claims, and wrongful death compensation.
  • Appealing denied claims.

In Social Security disability applications, there are no notice requirements, but timely filing is important. If you have had medical issues that prevent you from working, do not wait to file your claim. Normally, a judge cannot award disability more than a year prior to the date you file you application. If you are permanently disabled, you must file as soon as possible to protect your rights and claims. The process can take a long time and in both North and South Carolina, an experienced Social Security disability attorney can help you win your case in a timely manner.

There are two types of disability filings: permanent disability and closed period disability. With plenty of experience in the Social Security realm, attorney Jim Spears can help you decide on the appropriate filing for your case.

Permanent Disability

To obtain permanent disability benefits, you must have been disabled for one year or more. However, you do not have to have been disabled for a year when you file. We will help you obtain the continuing benefits you need and deserve for your permanent disability.

Closed Period Disability

You can obtain benefits for a closed period, meaning that your benefits will not be continuing. Jim Spears can help you seek the medical treatment you need to document your condition so that your benefits can be fully obtained.

Contact Jim Spears today for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer regarding your Social Security rights or claims. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Jim Spears Law Office is located in Spartanburg, SC and serves clients in both South and North Carolina, including Union, SC; Cherokee, SC; Gaffney, SC; Chesnee, SC; Greer, SC; Landrum, SC; Boiling Springs, SC; Polk, NC; and Rutherford, NC.